Smoky and Spicy

Smoky and Spicy

2 oz (60ml) Mezcal,
1 oz (30ml) 1933 Agave Simple Syrup,
¼ oz (7.5ml) Grand Marnier,
½ oz (15ml) Fresh Lime Juice, 
3 oz (88ml) Fresh Grapefruit Juice,
2-3 Fresh Slices Of Jalapeño,
Chili Salt,
Pinch of Salt,
Sparkling Water,
Fresh Slice of Grapefruit,
Fresh Sprig of Rosemary,


Cocktail Shaker,
Collins Glass or Margarita Glass,
Cocktail Strainer,
Lemon Squeezer,


In a cocktail shaker add the jalapeño slices and muddle them together. Next, add the mezcal, 1933 Agave Simple Syrup, Grand-Marnier, fresh lime juice, fresh grapefruit juice, pinch of salt, and ice, shake everything for about 10-15 seconds. Add chili salt to the rim of a Collins glass or margarita glass, add Ice and single strain the cocktail into it. Lastly, garnish with a slice of Grapefruit and a fresh sprig of Mint and a dehydrated citrus slice. 
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