About Us

Simple Syrups have been around since before Harry Croswell coined the word “Cock-Tail” in “The Balance and Repository” back in 1806. Simple Syrup became popular during the prohibition era because of bathtub gin. The taste of bathtub gin was not great, so bartenders in speakeasy locations would use honey, sugar, and fruit juice to mask the taste.

1933 Simple Syrup is an homage to the era of cocktails during prohibition. We went back to the basics and created an amazing all-natural premium syrup that has become the key ingredient in enhancing the taste of any cocktail. All of our syrups are made with 100% Organic sugar, fresh fruits, and all-natural herbs. Our Simple Syrup can also be used in sodas, iced-teas, refreshing favorable waters, mocktails, shaved ice cones, lemonades, and more!

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Enjoy and have fun creating your delicious cocktails.